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The Taco Bob Foundation
Mission Statement

“Taco” Bob was the most genuine of people, looking at life through the eyes of one who never lost the innocence of youth, in only the best of ways. He loved everyone, treated everyone the way he loved being treated, never stopped searching for adventures, and ALWAYS kept those around him on their toes! “Nacho” Nancy, being of a serious nature, worked to keep the ideas Taco Bob presented on a continuing basis attainable. Together, they formed a team that thrived because their differences were celebrated, as life should be. Our foundation will be based on the theme word we used to live our life: Genuine.

"Genuine." Taco Bob's Theme Word

We all face challenges in life. Those that face their personal challenges while staying true to themselves and their values are to be celebrated. The Taco Bob Foundation is dedicated to supporting those that choose this sometimes difficult path. With financial or emotional support, it is our mission to help validate those decisions and help find success in their personal journey.

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We are proud to partner with the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation to support their important work. To learn more about their efforts, please visit their website